NESA ACCREDITED & Elective PD Workshops

“This is the best PL out there!”

Live Stage 6

  • Y11 Biology Experiments (Sydney) – Fri 8 Dec (Week 9)**
  • Coming Term 1 2024 – our flagship ‘Preparing for the HSC Exam’ NESA Accredited workshops for every science

On-Demand Stage 6 (self-paced, online, on-demand)

  • Kinematics – Y11 Physics Module 1 – On-demand 24/7
  • Dynamics – Y11 Physics Module 2 – On-demand 24/7
  • Waves & Thermodynamics – Y11 Physics Mod 3 – On-demand 24/7
  • Electricity & Magnetism – Y11 Physics Module 4 – On-demand 24/7
  • Advanced Mechanics – HSC Physics Module 5 – On-demand 24/7*
  • Electromagnetism – HSC Physics Module 6 – On-demand 24/7*
  • The Nature of Light – HSC Physics Module– On-demand 24/7*
  • From the Universe to the Atom – HSC Physics Module 8 – On-demand 24/7*
  • Cells as the Basis of Life – Y11 Biology Module 1On-demand 24/7 
  • Organisation of Living Things – Y11 Biology Module 2On-demand 24/7 BRAND NEW
  • Heredity – HSC Biology Module 5 – On-demand 24/7*
  • Genetic Change – HSC Biology Module 6 – On-demand 24/7
  • Infectious Disease – HSC Biology Module 7 – On-demand 24/7*
  • Non-infectious Disease and Disorders – HSC Biology Module 8 – On-demand 24/7*
  • Equilibrium & Acid Reactions – HSC Chemistry Mod 5 – On-demand 24/7* NEW ACCREDITATION


  • Engaging K-6 Science & Technology Staff Development Day – By Appointment*
  • 5 Experiments for Stage 3 Physical World – On-demand 24/7*
  • 5 Experiments for Stage 3 Material World – COMING SOON*
  • 5 Experiments for Stage 3 Earth & Space – COMING SOON*

*NESA accredited 5 hours (hours will vary for on-demand and twilight)
*Face-to-Face (all other live workshops via Zoom)

New Accreditation Example
Completing From the Universe to the Atom – HSC Physics Module 8 will contribute 4 hours and 30 minutes of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Accredited PD in the priority area of Delivery and Assessment of NSW Curriculum/EYLF addressing Standard Descriptor(s) 2.1.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

Feedback from previous courses

“I really liked the experiments we got to try out and discussed how you could do them with K-6 students. Thank you for a fantastic day. I learnt a lot and feel more confident in teaching Science and Technology skills to students.”  Jessica Bailey, Walters Road Public School.

“Thanks for a great day! I found your presentation style engaging and interesting and I respect your experience and expertise in the area.”  Matt McKenzie, Thalgarrah Environmental Education Centre.

“Thank you for the opportunity where you shared your knowledge and skill with us. It was a very informative (but thankfully not very heavy) day and this reflects your skill in presenting.” Tanya Modini, Regina Coeli.

“Knew exactly what he was talking about and teaching us about, was well-prepared for all sessions and gave great feedback and scope for flexibility according to the group’s needs.” Trent Critchley, James Sheahan High School, Orange.

“This is the best PL out there!” Murray Rose, Denison College, Bathurst

“CrookED Science PD have been the best professional learning I have ever experienced.” Estelle McNaught, Norwest Christian College

“Thank you for providing these opportunities to both the teachers and students. As the Dept head and Director of Professional Growth I cannot express my gratitude for passionate educators, such as yourself, that are willing to share their practice to develop colleagues.” Kylie Robinson, St Brigid’s Catholic College, Lake Munmorah