Leveraging RAP Data to Improve HSC Science Teaching & Learning

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This workshop is designed to be bespoke to each school. It can run as a full-day Staff Development Day, a part-day, or after an school meeting as a science faculty or representatives from multiple schools.

In this workshop, science teachers will be provided with our custom-made RAP Analysis Spreadsheets to help teachers analyse last year’s exams to inform their teaching with this year’s students. Teachers will:

  • learn how to leverage RAP to inform teaching and learning
  • identify where their students performed well and not so well, and reflect on their teaching practices at the time, to repeat or adjust accordingly
  • analyse how their students performed based on question type, value, module and verb to improve their teaching
  • embark on modifying their teaching programs and student assessments based on their analyses to improve teaching and learning
Please contact us ASAP as dates are limited!