Y12 Physics Experiments

Year 12 Experiments for the New Physics Syllabus is a 1-day, hands-on, registered PD workshop to best prepare for the experiments in the new Year 12 Physics syllabus.

This course is aimed at helping teachers successfully run experiments for the new Year 12 Physics syllabus. We will be examining a variety of experiments including how to use the equipment appropriately and safely. Opportunities for Depth Studies will be shared and performed. In addition, we will reflect on the progress of teaching the new Year 11 syllabus. The activities incorporated will cover the new content, in particular:

  • Angular Frequency
  • Spectroscopy
  • Diffraction
  • Malus’ Law
  • Millikan’s Experiment
  • Depth Studies

This course is best done in conjunction with Year 12 Theory for the New Physics Syllabus.

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Australian Professional Teaching Standards

This course addresses the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:
1.2.2 – Structure teaching programs using research and collegial advice about how students learn.
2.6.2 – Use effective teaching strategies to integrate ICT into learning and teaching programs to make selected content relevant and meaningful.
4.4.2 – Ensure students’ wellbeing and safety within school by implementing school and/ or system, curriculum and legislative requirements.
6.2.2 – Participate in learning to update knowledge and practice, targeted to professional needs and school and/or system priorities.